Work is currently underway on the launch of a series of instructional videos for painters seeking a deeper understanding of their craft.

Wishing Works™ Instructional Videos will serve as a sequential course, designed to show viewers each step of the painting process from beginning to end.  The first episode will be an overview so that students can quickly get a sense of the entire process. After that, each video will be an in depth look at one aspect of the painting process.  While each episode will be a stand alone lesson, they will each build upon skills learned in previous episodes, so it it highly recommended that viewers watch them in order.

Each episode will feature in depth narrative with clear explanations of the process, accompanied by closeup video of a painting or drawing as it is being created so that students can clearly see the application of the concepts being described.  Diagrams, graphics and 3-D animations will also be used to help illustrate more complex concepts in a way that even beginning students will be able to easily understand.

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Topics covered will include:

  • Linear Drawing: Achieving accurate shapes, proportions, gesture, etc.
  • The Mechanics of Light and Modeling Three-Dimensional Forms
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of Underpainting
  • Color Theory: Taking the Mystery out of Color Mixing
  • Color Relationships: Using Color to Describe Space and Volume
  • Final Passes: Modeling Light and Form in Full Color
  • Finishing Touches: Glazing, Scumbling and other Adjustments
  • Highlights: How and Why They Differ from Other Light Effects
  • Rendering Different Materials: Glass, Metal, Fur, Skin, etc.
  • Materials and Techniques: Building Panels, Transferring Drawings to Canvas, Varnishes, Mediums, etc.

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