Upcoming Exhibition

Opening Reception: April 15, 6-9 pm
Artist Talk: April 20th, 6-8 pm

Panel Discusion: May 4th, 6-8pm (hosted by Edward Minoff and Tony Curanaj)

Eleventh Street Arts is thrilled to announce its next exhibition: RESIDENTS. This group show presents nine emerging artists, all recent graduates of Grand Central Atelier, in a showcase of new paintings, drawings and sculpture. Opening reception Friday, April 15, 6-9 p.m.
RESIDENTS includes new work by Liz Beard, Anthony Baus, Patrick Byrnes, Devin Cecil-Wishing, Sally Fama Cochrane, Zoe Dufour, Samuel Hung, Brendan Johnston, and Justin Wood. Together their work demonstrates the varied ways in which traditional academic training can inform contemporary art practice.

From Liz Beard’s dreamlike narrative figure works, to Devin Cecil-Wishing’s enigmatic trompe l’oeil still lifes, to Sally Fama Cochrane’s elaborate medical allegories, exhibited works are marked by the marriage of highly refined technique with the incipient personal styles of nine developing visions.

Two still life painters: Justin Wood and Samuel Hung, are exploring the genre in refreshingly unique ways – Wood’s elegant compositions invoke 17th century Dutch masters with a calm, even light, while Hung’s whimsical pictures are rendered with a dazzling precision. Anthony Baus’ part-observed, part-imagined compositions conjure past, present, and the ornate splendor of the ancient world.
Patrick Byrnes, Zoe Dufour, and Brendan Johnston present sensitive new figure paintings and sculptures exploring the intimate relationship between model and artist in ways that evoke both strength and vulnerability.

Having spent years carefully honing their painting, drawing and sculpting skills, these young artistic voices are now emerging with an intriguing array of styles, sensibilities and subject matter.

In addition to the public opening reception on April 15, Eleventh Street Arts will present two evenings of artist talks: Wednesday April 20, 6-8 p.m. and Wednesday May 4, 6-8 p.m. These events are free and open to the public.

Free lecture and demo!

Saturday, November 7th I’ll be giving a free lecture/demonstration at the Teaching Studios of Art in Oyster Bay.  

Hope to see you there!

Depicting Light and Form: Why You Can’t Draw What You See
Devin Cecil-Wishing, Guest Lecturer

As representational artists, one of our main goals is to create a convincing illusion of light and depth in our paintings and drawings.  In this lecture/demonstration, Devin Cecil-Wishing will discuss some of the principles of how light physically works, how our eyes perceive that light, and most importantly, how we can use all of this knowledge to create more convincing illusions in our work.

By understanding the mechanics of how light actually works, artists will be able to take the guesswork out of how to depict their subjects and be given the tools to approach painting in a logical and confident manner. 

In this lecture Devin will not only cover the theoretical aspects of light, but will also cover practical methods for putting this knowledge in to practice. Whether you are a beginning student or a more advanced artist, a more complete understanding of light and form is guaranteed to help you better depict the world around us and help take your painting to the next level.

For more information visitwww.teachingstudios.com.

Exhibition at Rehs Contemporary Galleries

I’m very happy to invite you all to an exhibition at Rehs Contemporary Galleries that I will be included in, opening this Saturday, October 3rd.  I’ll have two paintings featured in the show alongside many other, very talented artists.Stop by if you’re in the New York Area!

Rehs Contemporary Galleries
5 East 57th Street, 8th floorNew York, NY 10022
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 3rd, 11-4pm

Free Figure Drawing Demo!

I’ll be giving a free Figure Drawing Demo this Saturday, April 11th at the Manhasset Art Association in Long Island. This will be a great opportunity to get a quick introduction to some of the concepts that I teach in my regular classes, or a good refresher for those further along in their studies. Even more experienced artist will likely pick up a few new tricks!

Time:  Saturday, April 11th, 1-3pm
Place:  The Quaker House, 1421 Northern Blvd, Manhasset (Long Island)
Admission:  FREE!
Hope to see you there!

Featured in The New Criterion

I’m excited to announce that my work has been featured in a review of the group show, currently on view at Eleventh Street Arts.  The review appeared in the The New Criterion in their January issue.Author James Panero has clearly been following Jacob Collins and the Grand Central Atelier for some time and seems to know the history of the school quite well.  

There are so many amazing artworks in this show that it’s very flattering to be featured so prominently.

“Another trompe-l’oeil artist on display is Devin Cecil-Wishing, who displays what might be the finest technique of the whole ensemble in a cast drawing of Saint Jerome that seems to float in space and a painting of a playing card and egg seemingly perched in a shadow box.” – James Panero

Click here to read the full article

And if you haven’t been to see the exhibition at Eleventh Street Arts yet there’s still time! And as always, please leave any thoughts, comments,questions, etc. in the comments section below!

Grand Opening at the Eleventh Street Arts!

Our Grand Opening group show at Eleventh Street Arts was a huge success so just wanted to give  a big thanks to everyone who made it out on that cold rainy night to come see our show!  We had a great turnout as well as many sales… plus the party was a ton of fun!  Here are a handful of the many photos taken that night

Exhibition this Friday!

Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that I will have several pieces included in a group show opening this Friday, December 5th.  This will be a special show because it will be the inaugural exhibition for Eleventh Street Arts, the gallery space connected with the Grand Central Atelier where I am a resident artist and instructor.There will be an amazing number of great drawings, paintings and sculptures by faculty, alumni and current students as well as artists from the broader GCA community.  Included in the show will be works by Jacob Collins, Edward Minoff, Josh LaRock, Michael Klein, Patrick Byrnes, Anthony Baus, Will St. John, Colleen Barry, Travis Schlaht as well as many, many more great artists.In addition to the exhibition space, all of our studios will be open for viewers to tour and see what we have in progress on our easels right now!This is guaranteed to be a great show so if you are in the New York area try to swing by!

See what my students are saying about my South African workshop…

Sonia Jacka, the host of my recent workshop in South Africa, was kind enough to post a summary and review of my class, accompanied by reviews from several of the students.  Here’s what some of them said…

“The Devin Cecil-Wishing workshop has been the best decision I could have made for myself.  He proved to be an outstanding teacher and a very gracious and pleasant man.  The course was intense and extremely challenging for me.  As a woman in my mid fifties, this surprised me as I have had many years of art and drawing.  I have had various lessons and basic training in drawing.  Most of the approaches involved working with Chiaroscuro (lights and darks of the subject).  With the training we received with Devin I realized I had only been taught half of the principles.  The introduction of form and how this influences the true reading of the subject was a vital addition to my skills.  I cannot wait to get started on my drawing and painting again!  I am feeling completely inspired for the first time in years and I cannot wait to work under Devin’s tuition again.  He is a true Master of art.  Even for those who might not desire to do extremely realistic work, there are definitely tools worth learning that can be extremely beneficial to each artist.”


“I really enjoyed the workshop as well as Devin’s way of presenting the workshop.  He was very helpful and always explained the technique until you understood it.  I really enjoyed the individual attention as I am not a fast learner and was always a bit behind, so it definitely helped a lot.  Thank you Devin for taking the time to come to South Africa and share your knowledge with us.  Much appreciated.”-Nolene
“It’s hard to explain the impact this workshop had on my understanding of drawing.  I have been interested in this particular practice of classical realism for a long time and have studied it for a time as well, by books and DVD’s, Youtube and so on.  This workshop however was the first time that the veil was lifted in my understanding.  Devin had a wonderful way of explaining the art terms and concepts that were always so mysterious.  For the first time I got to look behind the curtain and fog of the magic of art.  Devin was able to not only explain the method but the reason and concepts behind the method in such a way that the drawing became a logical outcome.”


“Getting to know Devin during these two short weeks was an honor.  This is plainly said, but said with the utmost respect. Devin is socially at ease with his students and has a unique way of tutoring.  Observing his exceptional talent in teaching and explaining, to both the amateur and advanced artists, is profoundly characteristic and one can easily see the pure talent, not just in his remarkable artistic craftsmanship, but also in his love of sharing his artistic knowledge with less informed artists such as myself.  His basic strategy of using the simplest elements to explain complex concepts is extraordinarily fascinating and even the most untrained artist will be able to understand and follow along.  In a comfortable way, he would bring the students back to the artistic basics and simultaneously push the students ability beyond his/her own expectations. One can easily notice Devin’s deep educational background. His social behaviour is legendary, his lecturing, masterful!  True characteristics of an artist whose future is limitless.”


To read the complete article visit http://www.sonia.co.za/lightbox/tuition_workshops.htm

South Africa Workshop July 2014

This month I had the great pleasure of being invited to teach a two week workshop in South Africa.  I had a great time, got to see some gorgeous places, eat delicious food and best of all, made some amazing new friends.  

I was initially contacted by Sebastian Theart from Namibia, who was interested in learning some of the techniques taught at the Grand Central Academy.  

The two of us began talking online and decided to put together a workshop outside of Cape Town, South Africa. I wanted to share some of my photos from the workshop, which was such so much fun that we are already starting to plan another one for next year!  Hope you enjoy!

Day one of the workshop:  Me doing a demo on blocking in.

Week one was spent doing cast drawing. My carry-on bag on my flight down there was a backpack full of plaster casts of ears.   Needless to say, airport security had a few questions but eventually let me through once I said it was for art.

Here’s a view of the studio.  Sebastian started looking around to find a venue for the workshop and found Sonia Jacka in Noordhoek, just outside Cape Town.  We could not have asked for a more scenic location or a nicer host than Sonia!

Here’s the view in the other direction, looking out from the studio.

Me giving the all important demo on how to sharpen your pencil.On day two the weather was nice out so some of the students decided to sit outside while they flattened their shadows on their cast drawings.

Here’s Margie soaking up some sun as she flattens away on her shadows.Sebastian flattening shadows poolside

Ok, back to business…here’s me explaining light and form back in the studio.Lourens and I examining the direction of light on his cast.Nolene, ready to start modelling the form!Lourens looking guilty as he quickly sharpens his pencil!Margie modelling away on her ear.Here’s me outside the studio with Penelope the pig.  One of the best things about this studio was all the animals running around.  In addition to Penelope there were several miniature horses (the size of dogs), a great dane (the size of a horse!), chickens, ducks and a dachshund!

Week two was spent drawing from a live model.  Out of courtesy to the model we didn’t take photos of people working while she was posing but we do have the drawings…

All of the students outside the studio after an intense but wonderful two weeks.I’d like to thank everyone in South Africa who helped to make this trip such a success and so much fun.  I would especially like to thank Sonia Jacka for so generously sharing her studio with us, Jedske Theart for taking such good care of us all, Marco Kuhn for just being an all around awesome guy, and a special thanks to Sebastian Theart for initiating and organizing the whole thing.  I feel so fortunate to have gotten to meet and spend time with you all and I can’t wait to come back and see you all next year!

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